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Practical, affordable onsite training for your industry-specific employees

Intelligent Design and Services offers companies with up-to-date, onsite training in product and mold design. Using Siemens Plm NX series software, (formally known as Unigraphics) which we've been using for over 20 years, we can get your new hires up to speed or show your power users some advanced, productivity-boosting techniques.

Why go with ID&S’ training program?


We will save you up to 40% off Siemens’ price (for a service that largely entails of theory) and will ensure that parts and/or molds specific to your industry will be used as examples in our training sessions.

In-depth expertise

We teach NX Mold Wizard in greater depth than Siemens does. We have been using Mold Wizard since its initial release and are intimately familiar with the application.

Fast Return on investment

In addition to traditional onsite training we can establish a "one-hour-a-week" cross training programs with your staff at your facility. I have extensive experience with this concept and has resulted in a tightly knit team of engineers that will chearfully share their knowledge and techniques with fellow employees. We would host the meetings at first and train someone at your facility to take them over.

ID&S offers training over the internet, we can log into your employee’s computer to help them with a specific problem or training as well as your entire department at once.

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