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Product design

One of the advantages of outsourcing your CAD services to ID&S is our experience designing plastic parts with tooling in mind. Whereas the novice or inexperienced designer will likely focus solely on the product in their initial design, we take it a step further by factoring not only product but tooling design considerations. The result is a part that can meet your engineering requirements and save you money when you get to the tooling stage and the production stage.

ID&S will produce conceptual designs faster than you ever seen before as we fully leverage the CAD software automation as well as the most efficient concurrent engineering practices and good old fashion hard work.

ID&S will develop the parting lines and draft right into your product, eliminating any surprises when samples of the part are produced or when the mold manufacturer requests changes to the part making it mold-ready delaying your production and increasing your costs.

ID&S will go through each part and suggest design changes to reduce the associated tooling costs, which are not evident when mold shops quote the building of the mold. IDS can estimate how much you can expect to save from each design-related change.

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